An Apology


As an Aucklander I am generally supportive of all Auckland sports teams however there has generally been one exception The Blues Super Rugby Team and for no actual reason.

Recently when there was talk of cutting an Australian Super Rugby Team and Two South African teams I made the ridiculous suggestion that the Aussie and South African teams bring a lot more to the competition and perhaps they should consider cutting the Blues out of the competition first.

Contemplating it now it seems like a ridiculous idea. Auckland Rugby is an historic powerhouse of New Zealand Rugby with the Blues dominating the early years of the competition yes they have been in a slump in recent years but their historic results should not be forgotten cutting them out would be like axing Liverpool from the English Premier League cause they haven’t won the league in a very long time something that is unfathomable.

Whilst I’m not the biggest Rugby Union fan I should have thought before hitting send The Blues are no different to the other Auckland sports teams I follow namely the Aces, Mystics and my beloved Auckland City FC. I wish them well for the season ahead and for their match with the British and Irish Lions.


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