Don’t Pity Tony Veitch

veitchytony veitch

Broadcaster Tony Veitch is a woman beater, and some people have not forgotten that. To his dismay people are dragging it out six years after it had happened. To me he does not deserve any kind of sympathy because the injuries his ex-partner Kristen Dunne-Powell suffered were nothing short of horrific and I feel some need reminding of that. Kicks to her back whilst she was lying on the ground caused her spine to fracture in two places and forced her to use a wheelchair and crutches and was off work for months.

At the time Veitch offered her $100k hush money to prevent the incident from going public and to pass the injuries off to hospital staff as falling down the stairs he also described the whole saga was a ‘hideous relationship’ which seems like an attempt to deflect blame to Dunne-Powell.

On the whole he’s a woman beater and a despicable human being please do not pity him.


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